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Pick Her Theme Song

Hillary Clinton is so committed to the internet, that she put up this YouTube clip -- encouraging her supporters to vote on important strategic decisions, such as ... her campaign song. 


Here's an email I got from a reader on the subject ...

Here is my story:

Everyday I check the most popular videos of the day. Low and behold I see this Hillary Clinton "I Need Your Advice." I found it a bit odd that for at the time +200,000 views, there were only about 50 comments. Normally for that many views there are thousands of comments. In the video Hillary Clinton asks help in picking a campaign song. So as someone who ranks Hillary Clinton as the 2nd most evil US Senator (in case you were wondering Ted Kennedy is ranked #1), a lot of ideas came to my mind. Although the song by NWA "A (W)itch is a (W)itch" was my first idea, I decided to post "Loser" by Beck.

As soon as I entered my comment the window popped up "Your comment has been posted! It will be visible once it is approved." Usually my comments are posted in minutes if not seconds. I kept checking and my comments were not appearing. I tried to post "Loser" multiple occasions from different computers and different log in names. I kept checking and my comments were not posted.

I find it quite hypocritical the liberals who claim to deplore censorship are using it on I am equally surprised is allowing this to occur.

Rather sad if you ask me.

Adam R. Dresher

PS - I tried to post "Loser" two more time before sending you this email.


... So what song would you pick???


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