Game On!

Posted: May 15, 2007 9:01 PM

...Hey, I know who Brit Hume is and who Chris Wallace is -- but whose that other guy (Wendell Glover)?

...I like the stats FOX is putting up next to each candidate.  It's sort of like a sports thing.  I expect Tancredo to look at the camera and say he is from "The U," or something.  Hume's introductions are short, but respectful.  They did a good job of boiling down their accomplishments into short -- but impressive -- sentences.

...The debate has gotten off to a more serious mood than the MSNBC debate.  The first question about Iraq has most likely set the tone for a serious debate.

...Man, Tommy Thompson is bad!

...Once again, Romney looks (and sounds) sharp.

..."I think we've got to pull together here, to win over there." - Sen. Sam Brownback

...Dang, Rudy's strong on the Iraq/terror issue.

...Ron Paul makes a good point: "If we're going to go to war, we should declare it."  (If you're playing the "Reagan drinking game," take a shot!)

...Huckabee is good.  Once again. 

From FOX:

Who won Tuesday night's Republican presidential debate?

You Decide: Let FOX News know who you think came out on top by voting with a text message.

The number to which you can send your text-message is 36988. It will accept your vote between 9 p.m. EDT and 12:30 a.m. EDT.

The codes to enter for each candidate are:

R1 — Sam Brownback

R2 — Jim Gilmore

R3 — Rudy Giuliani

R4 — Mike Huckabee

R5 — Duncan Hunter

R6 — John McCain

R7 — Ron Paul

R8 — Mitt Romney

R9 — Tom Tancredo

R10 — Tommy Thompson