American Life League Responds

Posted: Apr 20, 2007 9:26 AM

Townhall's John Hanlon has been talking to pro-Life and Catholic leaders regarding my post yesterday about Rudy Giuliani's 1996 criticism of Pope John Paul II (regarding partial birth abortion).

This was, perhaps, the strongest response he received:

"Incredible as it may seem, in 1999 then Governor Rudy Giuliani supported Bill Clinton's veto of the partial birth abortion ban while chiding then Pope John Paul II. Now, just eight short years later, we find Giuliani weakly supporting the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold the ban. What's wrong with this picture? Not much when you consider the facts in the case: Giuliani claims to be Catholic; Giuliani waffles on abortion; Giuliani is on his third wife. Giuliani changes his mind on abortion nearly as often as he changes spouses! So much for principle in politics."

Judie Brown, President
American Life League