Huckabee Goes Retro

Posted: Apr 11, 2007 7:09 AM

While many GOP candidates are, no doubt, ecstatic over the fact that multiple marriages (and other peccadilloes that might have disqualified them in the past) have been relaxed, one candidate is yearning for the good old, not so tolerant, days. 

This is from yesterday's Hotline ...

Mike Huckabee said ex-Pres. Clinton "could be owed an apology by some" GOPers "if they don't take character issues in candidates' personal lives seriously." Huckabee, "without naming names," said Christian evangelical GOPers "talk as if, in this election cycle, Republican candidates aren't going to be held to a standard of personal accountability and responsibility for their personal lives."

Huckabee was asked during a press conference call with reporters what role character would play in WH '08. More Huckabee: "If that's true, there are going to be a lot of Republicans who will owe Bill Clinton a great big public apology. We can't have a set of rules that we apply to Democrats that we don't apply to ourselves."

His motives may be questionable (returning to the "rules" of the "good 'ol days" would benefit him).

Still, he makes a valid point; It is hypocritical for conservatives to give Republicans a pass on behavior or positions that you would criticize Democrats for...