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Murder on the Campaign Trail

There's a George Strait song called "Murder on Music Row."  If you're a country music fan, you probably know the song is about how "drums and rock n roll guitars"  have changed country music to the point that "Old Hank (Williams, Sr.) wouldn't have a chance on today's radio."


George may be right.  But country music isn't the only thing that's changed.  And Hank may not be the only legend who wouldn't make it in today's world.  Politico's Roger Simon explains why the presidential nominating calendar has gotten out of hand:

The presidential nominating process used to have a beginning, middle and end. In 2008, it will have only a beginning. And then it will probably end.

The process used to start with Iowa and New Hampshire and, in the last few cycles, South Carolina.

Then other states would hold contests in the weeks and months that followed, and a nominee would emerge.

It may be true that Hank wouldn't have a chance on today's radio.  The question is:  Would Ronald Reagan have had a shot in 2008?

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