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A Liberal Scheme to Unionize TSA

As you've probably heard, the Democrats are hoping to impose collective bargaining on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Clearly, this is an attempt to "pay back" Labor Unions for helping them take control of Congress in November.


But while this would send about $17 million, per year, to union bosses, it would also do serious damage homeland security. For example, TSA's ability to reward good workers (and get rid of bad workers), will be hampered. Additionally, thousands of workers would be moved off the screener line to set up the labor infrastructure.

After 9-11, many conservatives opposed efforts to "Federalize" thousands of new Airport Security workers, for this very reason. Creating more Federal jobs is a double-whammy. Not only does it cost more tax-payer dollars, but it also results in a money-transfer from the pockets of conservative workers -- to the coffers of liberal candidates.

Today, President Bush is threatening to veto this effort, but what happens the next time this comes up -- and we possibly have a Democrat president?

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