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The Chamber's <i>Virtual</i> March on Washington

The Chamber of Commerce wants you to be part of a March on Washington to stop Labor Unions from ending "secret ballots".  And here's the best part:  You won't have to trudge through the mushy snow in the cold to do it!


Here's how:  Just sign up and create a “virtual you” to March on the National Mall in Washington, D.C, and then look for your icon on a satellite image. It's as simple as that.  (Okay, creating a virtual "you" involves picking your gender, hair color, and clothing color.  It would be very cool if we could get a bit more specific.  Still, this is pretty cool).

Sign up and your avatar can be placed on the national mall, next to mine (or away from mine, if you prefer). And here's the best part: Your avatar won't get cold!

In all seriousness, this is a great example of how a conservative cause is getting the jump on MoveOn style tactics for creative interactive campaigns.  YouTube is sooo yesterday. Kudos to the Chamber for embracing real cutting-edge technology.

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