Bopp Takes to the Blogs to Refute Blog Story

Posted: Feb 22, 2007 1:19 PM

Yesterday, Jonathan Martin's Politico blog touched off a firestorm in the conservative blogosphere.  Specifically, this line about Pro-Life leader (and Romney adviser) James Bopp, got a lot of attention:

"I don’t know yet about Romney," Bopp admits. "I’m not really sure where [abortion] will ultimately fit in his agenda. He's still on a journey."

Today, in the comments section of Martin's blog, Bopp responds:

"The last four paragraphs combine answers to several questions creating the erroneous impression that I am uncertain about Romney's pro-life position. I am not. He is sincere about ending abortion and is not paying lip service to it. He will promote pro-life legislation, oppose pro-choice legislation (as he has as Governor) and appoint strict constructionist judges. My statement about his 'journey' was about what priority he would give it. It is important now and is growing in importance to him."

They say that you should respond (to an attack) in the medium in which it's made.  Leaving no shot go unanswered, Bopp is following this sage advice.