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Another Liberal from Hope?

If Sam Brownback's compassion isn't big enough for you, I've got good news: Mike Hucakbee announced he will file a presidential exploratory committee.


According to the Washington Post, the Arkansas governor, "championed tax increases for public schools, expanded state insurance programs for the children of the working poor and opposed banning state services for illegal immigrants."

(Now, at this point, you might think "the Arkansas governor" I'm referring to is Bill Clinton. Wrong.)

Personally, I've had enough of this country fried, mega-church conservatism, mixed with good 'ol boy populist imagery, and a pinch of preachy-ness, to last a lifetime. But that's just me.

The Club for Growth is set to release a report on Huckabee’s fiscal record.  It won't be pretty. Stay tuned ...

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