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The left’s bizarre version of gender equality was exposed yet again Tuesday afternoon as two panelists at POLITICO’s “Women Rule Summit” encouraged attendees to stop re-tweeting men.


The summit took place at the Four Seasons in Georgetown and was intended to “expand leadership opportunities for women at all levels of their careers.” Speakers included keynote speaker Sarah Huckabee Sanders, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, D.C. Bureau Chief of Vice News Shawna Thomas, actress Felicity Jones, and many more.

The majority of the summit’s discussions fruitfully focused on equipping women to support one another in their ambition and on empowering women to become successful leaders and businesswomen.

However, a live podcast panel featuring actress and political activist Piper Perabo turned into a Trump-bashing giggle fest wherein a gleeful Ana Marie Cox, host of the “With Friends Like These” podcast, urged everyone to stop re-tweeting white males.

Cox claims she is following the advice of her friend Anil Dash, who encouraged her to abstain from re-tweeting white males. Perabo expressed delight at this idea and looked forward to implementing it.

“Can I still ‘heart’ men’s tweets?” Perabo quipped to Cox, to which Cox responded that she was not positive on the rules.

Perabo shared about her journey into political activism, saying that the release of the “Access Hollywood” tapes propelled her into politics and into numerous political protests. She attended a class with a friend on “How to Get Arrested,” and came to D.C. eager to be arrested at the Kavanaugh hearings – with money for bail in one pocket, a cell phone battery and ID in the other, perhaps taking a cue from other liberals who have been inspired to be arrested, as Townhall previously reported.


“Yes, I used to be a Girl Scout,” she told the audience with a laugh.

Perabo also told the summit that her “privilege” as an actress was a burden to her - and that suggested that Hollywood has not always been receptive to her political activism.

When moderator Ana Palmer asked her, “So is Hollywood less liberal than we think?” Perabo seemed caught off guard.

“There’s calling yourself a liberal, and then there is going to a protest and getting arrested,” she laughed – apparently grateful that she is above your average Hollywood liberal.

Cox, when questioned on her sexist statements later on Twitter, offered no remorse for her remarks. 

Though the event frequently referenced the importance of women showing support for one another, Cox showed little support for fellow speaker Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, as evidenced by her tweet:


Both Cox and Perabo’s comments felt glib and out of place amongst the summit’s variety of earnest and intelligent speakers.

Conversely, Sarah Sanders offered a sincere perspective on her thoughts as a woman in today’s heated political climate, her role as a wife, mother to three, and White House Press Secretary, and her relationship with President Trump – to which many in the audience responded with disrespect.

When asked if women could really “have it all,” Sanders immediately responded, “Absolutely” – a refreshing alternative to some of the more dour perspectives voiced earlier in the day.

“It would be a true disservice to every woman in this country if I believed differently,” she told the room.

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