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One For You, Nine Links For Me

Top 10 songs to prepare file your tax return to.

The good ol' days: "Soon after, Congress enacted a variable income tax rate of between 1 and 7 percent for the highest earners."

Eat the rich: "Over 25 years, in fact, the percentage of the federal income tax bill paid by the wealthiest Americans has doubled, even as it has shrunk for all others.

AMT proves why government shouldn't be trusted to run much of anything: "Our nation's middle class families are now getting hit by this stealth tax and are being forced to pay the price for poor lawmaking.

The media thinks we're all taxed just about right, or just a bit low. Never more than we should be. Nooooo.

"Marriage breakdown costs taxpayers at least $112 billion a year." Fiscal and social cons, unite!

Clinton demands Obama's tax returns.

Cartoons for Tax Day. To try to cheer you up.

Why do the blind get a tax break, and other odd questions about taxes answered.

Are the sainted poor cheating on their taxes? Say it ain't so!

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