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Joe Rogan's Response to the Trump Guilty Verdict Is Spot-on
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Preserving the 'Farm' in Farm Bill
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Bad, Bad Linkroy Brown

Good news: New UN Human Rights Commissioner assigned to monitor Israel is a Truther. A Truther who thinks Israel is equivalent to Nazi Germany. This'll go well.

Free Pop!

Another benign reference to a black American becomes "raaaaaacist" in Obama's post-racial world. And, this time, Olbermann gets to smear a war hero!

The Obamas are coming for your pie.

Good news: McCain is using the phrase "corporate greed" on the stump. Blech.

The Left simplifies global politics, this time with gratuitous and inapt comic book references!

Perez Hilton really bent out of shape over the-- wait for it-- invasion of his privacy.

Press conference every two weeks for President McCain. Obama, if elected, promises to take at least eight questions during his first term.

The return of the Huck!

Obama finds Petraeus fascinating apparently
. Perhaps he was thinking about the "scheduling conflict" that kept him from dealing with the nation's most pressing national security event.

Starbucks won't allow laissez faire on a customized gift card, but "Si, se puede!" was deemed fine and dandy.

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