Linkin' on a Prayer

Posted: Apr 07, 2008 10:10 AM

What colossally dumb P.R. move will MoveOn make this time Petraeus comes to town?

The Dem race defined: Jacksonians vs. Academics

A federal tax-me-more fun. Come on, liberals! Give 'til it hurts.

Leonardo DiCaprio now owns a Manhattan apartment, on top of his L.A. mansion. But don't worry. All this bi-coastal living in extravagant homes comes with solar panels and low-emission paints. Whew!

Melissa Clouthier wades into the fever swamps for a fight over abortion with none other than Amanda Marcotte, who responds with her predictable aplomb and soaring intellect.

Official: 'Warmonger' only a talking point for outside liberal groups. Banned on actual Obama campaign.

The predictable peaceable gathering of those who'd like to behead Geert Wilders for his film critical of the Koran.

Not at all surprised. Undoubtedly, they'll call it one of Bush's dirty tricks.

Clinton makes another stump mistake, goofing suffragette history. I always knew she was sexist like the rest of us!

Chastity: so rare it makes news these days.

The Clinton tax returns hit SNL.

Falling on one's sword for the honor of the Clintons may be the one job more thankless and pointless than being the Clinton strategist.

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