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Linkin' Just Enough For the City

I was too flip too quickly yesterday about that Saddam officer turned reporter in Iraq. My apologies. You know what happens when you assume...

A deal for Mugabe to leave office, as opposition claims victory
?  For the people of Zimbabwe, we can pray it's true.

Elizabeth Edwards is still running for president, evidently

As the Western press largely writes press releases for Moqtada al-Sadr, the Weekly Standard assesses what we know and what we don't about Basra. This strikes me as a pretty good bet on the final assessment, but it's early still:
My hunch, as I’ve said before, is that this will end up like Israel’s war with Hezbollah insofar as (a) the media pronounced it an unmitigated disaster, (b) the damage to the bad guys was much greater than reported, and (c) even so, the mission ultimately failed to cripple a lethal Iranian proxy, leaving it to regroup and fight another day after it’s been extravagantly resupplied.
But as a member of the Northern Command for the IDF told me when I was in Israel, standing on the Lebanon border, "He's (Nasrallah) the one living in the ground like a worm," so that kind of victory has its advantages. It's kind of choose-your-own ending at this point.

Hamas to Mahmoud Abbas: Why can't you be more like Arafat?

From the Dirty Democrat files

Why McCain's "100 years in Iraq" comment will remain a talking point, grossly distorted though it is.

Rev. Wright happens to be coming up in camp Clinton conversations with superdelegates. Imagine that.

Hillary fired for lies, unethical behavior in days at House Judiciary
. But to be fair, she was under a lot of stress from the sniper fire.

What's going on in Iran

Newsflash, Congress: Americans are against a foreclosure bailout.

What did you do during Earth Hour

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