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I've Been Linking You

Give this a few seconds to start. It's worth it.

Boris Johnson: A Conservative mayor in London?

The Mahdi Army took heavy casualties, but was Maliki on the losing end? He says
operations will continue, but Moqtada still looks like a power broker. On the other hand, how big a win can a big, fat surrender be? Stay tuned. This will take longer to shake out than the media wishes it to, as most things in Iraq do.

Berkeley professor seems to be on the wrong side of that whole Chinese human rights issue. On the bright side of Berkely...

Obama could not be blamed for goin' to Carolina in his mind: up 18.

Profiles in school choice.

Return of the Gorebot.

If we're in a "great depression," where's the rest of the world?

Ladies, I'm begging you. Please stop whining.

Who's scrubbing the website of Obama's church? The "Black Value System" has gone missing.

The annotated Maureen Dowd.

Afghan lawmakers outlaw dancing on TV. Don't crank that Soulja Boy.

The NFL is stealing McCain's ratings. Linebackers everywhere should brace for an attack. Mac's old but he's tough.

"Yes, my resume does include a stint as an officer in Saddam's army and as a reporter for the NYT."

Wanted: A few bad teachers...to stop teaching.

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