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Five years on, Osama's pals still playing "Weekend at Bernie's."

Obama fills out what is surely the most transcendent and uplifting NCAA bracket in American history

Our ears, they are tin!

Bill Clinton even trashier than previously thought.

Obama drops the New Black Panthers from his website in what is surely the most transcendent and uplifting ass-covering in American history.

Totally justified anger at the "Take Back America" conference. Transcendent and uplifting, even.

Frank J argues the Second Amendment before the Supreme Court

"I'm almost incapable of bullshit. He's the same way."

Is this photo racist? Or transcendent and uplifting, perhaps?

Back when Hillary <3ed NAFTA.

Who's ignorant? The McCain "gaffe" analyzed.

The (transcendent) tragedy of Obama's (uplifting) speech

No news from Iraq is good news from Iraq.

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