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She's Link the Wind

Today's selection is in honor of the cancer-stricken Patrick Swayze, for whom we wish and pray the best. I always liked this song.
Dropping the Starr bomb! Both silly and overwrought
and a reminder of the ickiest moments of the Clinton legacy. Thanks, Hillary PR team!

Obama, the pessimist?

Have you read the Post's piece on the [expletive] fighting in Hillaryland? Delicious and guilt-free for conservatives.

Newsflash: McCain has a temper.

News from Florida and Michigan's lovely trouble-making political landscapes.

Journalists do math!
Hey, we didn't sign on for that...

Newly minted non-candidate still alerting newly minted non-volunteers and newly minted non-interested press about press appearances.

Obama-entranced zombies use karaoke of mediocre hip-hop anthems as a campaign tactic. Oh, no not I. I will survive!

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