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The Idiot Anti-Smoking Brigades Become Increasingly Offensive

Urging people not to smoke is fine. The people who populate TheTruth.com and its tactical brethren in other countries are likely driving more people to smoke than they save.

New Zealand's "Action on Smoking and Health" (Get it? ASH?) thought this might be a good way to encourage folks to get on board with a healthier lifestyle. At least the Truth kids aren't this bad:


Staying classier still, the copy reads: "Terrorism-related deaths since 2001: 11,337  Tobacco-related deaths since 2001: 30,000,000"

Here's where you can contact ASH to complain. Keep it as respectful as possible, even though they didn't afford 9/11 victims the same courtesy.

H/t Mollygood.

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