The Battle for Thirds... Update: Obama Wins

Posted: Jan 03, 2008 9:30 PM

Now that Huckabee's rocked Romney, the most interesting thing on the GOP side will be who finishes third.

Drudge had Thompson in a solid third place in the high teens, but that was with about 15 percent reporting. Now that more folks are reporting, McCain has closed the gap from about six percent to only one percent.

If McCain takes a third place out of Iowa, where he's never been strong and has not campaigned extensively, that'd be huge for him going into New Hampshire where he's, of course, historically strong.

If Fred loses to McCain in Iowa, where Fred made what stand he made, it's very bad news for him, but I don't think he'll pull out. He's got too much potential in South Carolina.

According to Hot Air, CNN's reporting that Fred's holding third with 40 percent reporting. As is always the way with Fred, because of low expectations, a decent third place finish over the surging McCain would be a pretty keen victory. And, now that Huckabee's got a win under his belt, concerned fiscal conservatives may respond to the last glimmer of hope that Fred is viable. For Fred's sake, though, South Carolina can't come fast enough, and he better do well there.


Fox is calling Iowa for Obama, and Drudge has Edwards in second with Hillary bringing up the rear.

A third place finish for Edwards is a death knell and a third place for Hillary is humiliating. We're winners wither way!

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