The Hucka-Bash Debate

Posted: Dec 12, 2007 2:10 PM
Obviously, there are gonna be some punches thrown today, but this debate is in the early stages shaping up to be sort of boring...except for the "say wha???" inclusion of Alan Keyes in the line-up. Sheesh.

There are plenty of areas to question Huckabee on policy (although the Register is nixing an immigration section of the debate, which is merciful for him), but he may have brought on some tougher attacks today by clumsily talking about his best guesses at Mormon doctrine yesterday. That came across classless, and I wouldn't mind Mitt slapping back pretty hard.

Those folks with Frank Luntz's people-meters love Rudy when he talks about health care and Mitt when he talks about eliminating programs that don't work. Rudy speaks very well about health care, sounds informed, and hits the American can-do refrains that conservatives love. He rated high on the subject, according to Frank Luntz, in the first Fox debate, and I've always wondered why he didn't make it a centerpiece of his campaign since voters clearly care about it.

Fred's about off-the-charts on the people-meter as he was in the last debate.

Update: Yes, Jim, this debate format truly does suck.