'Our Job is Not to Whine. That's Their Job.' (Plus: Adam Sandler for Rudy?)

Posted: Nov 12, 2007 9:01 AM
That's a quote from Joel Surnow, producer of '24', advising young conservatives not to be cowed by Hollywood's reputation as a liberal bastion when looking for work:

After his speech, sipping a vodka gimlet as he talked to a group of writers, Mr. Surnow scoffed at the suggestion that Hollywood's liberalism prevents conservatives from getting work in film and television.

"There's tons of conservatives who work," he said. "If you write a great script, you could drop it off a freeway overpass in rush hour, and the movie would still get made."

He mentioned a possible Hollywood '08 endorsement?

Saying that he was "probably going to get behind Rudy" for the White House, Mr. Surnow named comedian Dennis Miller as another entertainer who has "come out" as a conservative in the overwhelmingly liberal Hollywood environment and said that another popular comedian, Adam Sandler, "is going to come out and support Rudy Giuliani."
He also thinks Hillary can't possibly be president and that the writers' strike may go on for a long time.

Hmmm, maybe now would be a good time for conservatives to try out their script-writing chops, what with the dearth in programming.