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What's on the Tube for You?

I wrote a Fall TV Preview for Red Staters today in which I test a few new shows out and recommend some of my old favorites. Happy viewing, and feel free to add recommendations in comments

So, it’s fall again, and you find yourself, remote in hand, convinced that the television landscape is nothing but one giant "View" couch populated by Sally Fields, Rosie O’Donnells, Joy Behars and Alicia Silverstones. Hollywood’s most delightful elite crammed together, bony-starlet elbow to gastric-bypassed booty, happy to serve up daily entertainment with a side of condescension, smut, and a cheap political jab for every plot line!

It can get discouraging out there for a red-blooded conservative searching for good original programming without any sermons from our betters in Blue America. Walking into the fall line-up without a guide, you’re more vulnerable than a Democratic staffer at a NASCAR race. So, here’s a way to get good and inoculated.

Conservatives will undoubtedly find some of my picks objectionable in some ways, but I tried to find a good mix of family viewing and grown-up stuff that at least treats conservatives fairly (which is about all you can hope for on TV except for on the rarest of occasions).

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