Are They Always Out to Get Ron Paul?

Posted: Oct 05, 2007 1:48 PM

I love how every time Ron Paul speaks anywhere, and no matter how well he's received, there's always a rumor about him being in some way silenced by The Man. Last time, I was in Dallas and the straw poll had surely been rigged, given that Paul only came in third.

This time, the word on the street is that Paul was music-ed off the stage during his speech, Oscars-style. Silenced by the establishment! As with most sorta-kinda-conspiracy theories, the truth is somewhat less dastardly. I've asked around and it seems Paul was allotted a certain amount of time, politely received by some, enthusiastically received by plenty. He spoke past his allotted time by a a decent amount and was reminded by the music, so the event could stay on-schedule. He then came to the press room and spent about 15-20 minutes talking with reporters, so his message was not blocked by any stretch of the imagination.

Paul always shows great support at these things, says his piece, is cheered by many, and gets a ton of press for it all. The post-event conspiracy-theory spin is tiresome.

Paul again today said he has no intention of running as a third-party candidate, and is banking on the other guys spending their campaign funds big-government style, so that he ends up on top by being frugal and using his army of volunteers. He may have a point...

I'll try to get up my Paul video if the audio is decent, so I'm not accused of silencing him unnecessarily.