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Still Waiting for Fred

Geraghty has the "Tonight Show" transcript:

FRED THOMPSON:  It hasn't been that long really.  We've done it a few months, where a lot of people have been working on it since they were in the choir in high school.  So we're where we need to be right now, and that's one of the things I wanted to talk to you about.  I'm running for President of the United States.  

JAY LENO:  All right.   (Applause.)    

FRED THOMPSON:  Thank you.   

JAY LENO:  I'm excited.  Wow.   

FRED THOMPSON:  Thank you.  


Ta-duhhhh! He's funny and charming, as usual, and I guess the fact that I and everyone else is doing a whole post on him alone is probably proof that skipping the debate wasn't so bad after all?

Update: He's got a much more presidential suit on this time.

Okay, not a whole lot of enthusiasm in the announcement, there. But I kind of dig the ultra-relaxed, confident vibe, which is what I think that's indicative of more than boredom.

Most people don't start paying attention to these elections until they get a little closer.  They treat politicians kind of like the dentist -- they don't have anything to do with them until they have to, until the election is near.  (Laughter.) 

Update: Watch Fred's video, here. It was a bit hangy for me at first; probably getting hammered, but it's working now.

Fred "intends to run for president." Is that like how Craig "intends" to resign?" Ha.


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I think it's interesting that he's sticking with the blue-and-gold motif instead of red,white,and, blue. I was wondering if he would, or if it was just the scheme of the I'mWithFred site and would disappear. Actually highly unorthodox to use anything other than red, white, and, blue.

The blue-and-gold is stately-looking, and I appreciate some originality, but I think I would have gone darker with the gold, so it wouldn't look washed out.

Fred on Leno:

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