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Kennedy Picks the 'Keep Dirty Money' Option, and other Political Stories

Thompson Strategy: Skip the debate, buy up ad time. Oh, and then go field some softballs from Leno.

Punk kid: "Don't you worry about getting Alzheimer's, Mr. McCain?" McCain:
"No, but thanks for the question, you little jerk."

Giuliani speaks my language: Make Department of Homeland Security and FEMA more regional, less federal.

A victory for Kos is a victory for us! No, really.

Patrick Kennedy: "You know what, I'm just gonna keep the fugitive's money, since I'm not running for President, and it will get minimal coverage. You didn't think we Dems were actually serious about getting rid of dirty money, did you? Oh, you did? That's cute."

A new Mitt Romney joint.

Bill Clinton's "tough love." Didn't Juanita Broaddrick tell us about that a couple years ago?

Obama: "I should be president because I don't know any lobbyists."

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