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End of the Line, Huckabee

I was willing to entertain the thought of you as a refreshing, charming, surprising second-tier candidate whose eloquence and wit would serve the party well (although trashing the
Club for Growth was really pushing it).

But a national smoking ban?
You're not running a health spa; it's a country, and you will never win friends in North Carolina talking like that. These big-time pound-shedders cum health nuts. You applaud them as they get healthy, but be careful putting them in power-- they'll take your food and other vices away from you quick as look at you. Because they know what's best for you now and don't care that they got to choose the time and place and manner of their own health reformation.

I'd like to have seen Gov. Huckabee's reaction had someone supported a ban on trans fats back when they were clearly his bread and butter, if you know what I mean. This is typical government overreach and liberal condescension and I don't like it one bit.

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