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Your Blame Bush Story of the Day

...Comes from Crawford, Texas, where George W. Bush was the most of the reason there was ever tourism there in the first place, but is now at fault for a drop in the Crawford tourism industry in the waning years of his presidency.


The same thing happened to Plains, Ga., so we conservatives can jump in there and blame him for something, too:

The lastpresident with numbers that low was Jimmy Carter, whose hometown ofPlains, Ga., went through its own boom-bust cycle that tracked hispopularity.

"Our little town was one block long on oneside of the street, and we had up to 5,000 people a day here in 1976.They were like ants," said lifelong Plains resident C.L. Walters, aclerk at the Plains Historic Inn.

But when people soured on Carter, they soured on Plains.

"In the last two years (of Carter's one-term presidency) we did nothinghere, hardly any business at all," Walters said.

But there's hope. From a Crawford businessman:

"There are a lotof people who still believe in this president," said Johnson, whocounts himself as one of them. "As long as Crawford is associated withhim, people will come."

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