No HamNation Today

Posted: May 18, 2007 2:06 PM

Hey, guys. I have to apologize again for not having a proper HamNation for you.

Katie's out of town for the week, so I had planned to clean up the audio on a video interview I did with J.R. Salzman, a wounded Iraq vet and blogger who talked to me about overcoming his injury, laboring back to a normal life, the cost of freedom, and the merits of fighting in Iraq. Good stuff, huh?

A helpful reader had volunteered to help me with the audio (thanks a million, David!), but we figured out, after much file-wrangling and sound-editing, that the quality was too shoddy to be helped, which saddens me because Salzman is more than worth listening to (much more than I usually am).  The unfortunate thing about writing/fliming/editing HamNation by myself is that, with my relatively limited skills, one technical bump in the road can throw off a week's worth of work.

This is, obviously, frustrating and personally and professionally embarrassing, as I'd like to have a good product for you every week. As I understand it, the company is working on a permanent solution to this problem, so I should have some help soon. Until then, Katie's back next week (and no longer a lowly intern, but full-time, baby!), so we should be able to handle things together for a few weeks until we get some help in here.

Thanks for your understanding, and sorry again.

Until then, I guess I could go all YouTubey and just rant about the immigration bill in front of my Mac's built-in camera without a script. I bet my boss would love that.

Update: My bad. It seems Katie will not be helping me next week. HamNation will be on hiatus until further notice. My apologies. I'll try and figure something out.