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The Greatest Mystery of Our Time is Solved

Meet the maker of the "1984" anti-Hillary ad, a political consultant with Blue State Digital-- a consulting firm employed by many clients, including Obama:

Hi. I'm Phil. I did it. And I'm proud of it.

I made the "Vote Different" ad because I wanted to express my feelings about the Democratic primary, and because I wanted to show that an individual citizen can affect the process. There are thousands of other people who could have made this ad, and I guarantee that more ads like it--by people of all political persuasions--will follow.

This shows that the future of American politics rests in the hands of ordinary citizens.


Phil De Vellis has now resigned from the company to avoid tarnishing Obama, and will undoubtedly start his own political consulting company, which will never, ever boast an achievement as big as this anonymous ad.

And, in case you're one of the three people who hasn't seen the ad yet, here it is. It's good, but I've always found underwhelming given the attention it's gotten:

Update: Mystery solved. Or is it?

Here's the Blue State Digital statement, which says De Vellis was fired; he didn't resign. 

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