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Fat Tuesday Gets Fatter

Michael Barone notes the birth of the Mardi Gras primary:

on Feb. 5, 2008, less than 11 months from today. Some 19 states are considering holding their primaries on that date, just after the contests in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada (for the Democrats), and South Carolina. The fact that a majority of delegates will be picked on February 5 gives a huge advantage to the best-known candidates–and perhaps to any less well known candidate who gets a surprise win or close second in one or more of the earlier contests.

The best part about it? We're 11 months out of the primary season, and there's already a premise for screaming "stolen election!"

A presidential primary election on Fat Tuesday next year would most directly impact majority-black voting districts, possibly violating federal voting rights laws, according to local officials and lawyers.


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