A Different Duke Lacrosse Story: Remembering Jimmy Regan

Posted: Feb 22, 2007 6:58 AM

This is Jimmy Regan. He graduated from high school an all-American lacrosse player with a scholarship to Duke University-- one of the nation's best programs. He led the team to the ACC Championship his senior year, scoring four goals in the final game of the tournament. As he left college with a degree in economics, he could have had a scholarship to Southern Methodist University's law school or a job at a financial firm with which he'd interned.

Instead, Jimmy joined the Army, even passing on Officer Candidates School so that he could fasttrack his way into the Rangers. Jimmy died Feb. 9 in northern Iraq, just a week after he was promoted to sergeant. One of his former teammates called him "the ultimate Duke lacrosse man."

My column today is on this other Duke lacrosse story. Remember Jimmy. He is so much more worthy of it than the sordid soap opera Mike Nifong has given us.