Drink Every Time Joe Wilson's Hair Shimmers!

Posted: Feb 12, 2007 1:49 PM

I've never followed the Plame/Libby story closely, but Tom Maguire and Clarice Feldman have, and they continue to do so.

Feldman pointed me to this run-down of the whole affair, which is helpful for those who, like me, haven't been following it for three years. 25 Questions about the case, asked and answered.

The Media Blog notes that some journalists-- those whose stories were less likely to corroborate Fitzgerald's theories-- were treated much more lightly than others.

Post Watch takes-- who else?-- the WaPo to task for its coverage of Tim Russert's testimony.

And, Ann Coulter pieces together the stories Joe Wilson told, the stories the press told about them then, and the stories they're morphing into now. The press coverage on this is bound to be a boondoggle, since they're covering themselves, and no one cares about it anymore but them. Press vanity + public apathy is always a recipe for disaster. 

And, Ari Fleischer's back in the news. I think there's actually a six-degrees-of-Plamegate kinda thing going on, here. We're all somehow involved. I'm gonna turn it into a drinking game. It's jus what this trial calls for.