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'Who Would Jesus Torture?'


I wasn't at the moonbat rallies this weekend, but Hokietown, Grace, and Frankie the Peace Dog were, and they got pictures and video:

"He was keen on selling us various Marxist/Leninist literature and other wares, at first unaware of the irony that he followed his sales pitch with a denunciation of capitalism."


The video's priceless. Also,

"Who do you want to win the war?"

"I want the Iraqi resistance to win the war."

This Iraqi resistance, you mean?

The girls had just finished taking an exam and were gathering in an inner courtyard at a school in a mainly Sunni section of western Baghdad on Sunday when a mortar shell crashed down.

The explosion killed at least five girls, ages 12 to 16, and wounded at least 20, witnesses and Iraqi officials said, tearing limb from limb, shattering glass, shredding the students’ blue and white uniforms and leaving the survivors bloodied and confused.

“She hugged and kissed me, then went outside and the bomb hit,” a teacher at the scene said, referring to one of the girls. “After a few minutes, she was dead.”

Viva la resistance!

Update: The NYT and the Post and everyone else will whitewash the protestors on the Mall this weekend, but Roll Call The Hill has this story about anarchist punks vandalizing the Capitol:

Anti-war protesters were allowed to spray paint on part of the west front steps of the United States Capitol building after police were ordered to break their security line by their leadership, two sources told The Hill.

According to the sources, police officers were livid when they were told to fall back by U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) Chief Phillip Morse andDeputy Chief Daniel Nichols. "They were the commanders on the scene," one source said, who requested anonymity. "It was disgusting."

After police ceded the stairs, located on the lower west front of the Capitol, the building was locked down, the source added.

A second source who witnessed the incident said that the police had the crowd stopped at Third Street, but were told to bring the police line in front of the Capitol.

Why are the Capitol Police ceding ground to these guys? I understand the need to keep folks safe and keep clashes at a minimum, but allowing spray-painting of the Capitol to avoid a physical confrontation? These little punks should have been frog-marched out of there, to use a verb they're fond of. I wonder how much taxpayer money will be spent getting rid of that graffiti. And, I wonder how much taxpayer money was spent getting rid of the graffiti from rabble-rousing pro-lifers last week. Ha.

Update: Iraq veteran spit at by protestors? Free Republic and Allah have reports.

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