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Christmas Cheer From the Anti-War Left

I didn't post this yesterday because it was just too depressing for Christmas. But today? Let's put it out there.

Yesterday--Christmas Day--this was the top "Featured Video" on YouTube. It's young Heather Martin singing "When Are You Coming Home?" a sweet little song about Heather's older brother Shaun, who is fighting in Iraq this Christmas. Heather's mother wrote the song, and Heather performed it at what looks like a church service:


It's a non-political song. I thought it was a pretty sweet look at one family's pain and faith and bravery in the face of war, and it left the heavy-handed political overtones for another day. I was also glad to see it out front, considering YouTube front-paged the Littlest Moonbat a couple of weeks ago (if you haven't seen that one, go watch).

But a non-political, sentimental song about the Iraq War isn't enough for the moonbat commenters at YouTube. Heather Martin and her parents have a moral duty to go all Cindy Sheehan on Bushitler's War for Profit or they and their loved ones are accessories to BushCo's murderous ways. Think the commenters would go easy on her just because she's 6 and it's Christmas? Think again (apologies in advance for the language). These were the first three comments on her YouTube video:

 Here are some fun ones, on the second page of comments:

"FUCK THE US TROOPS" and "I hope her brother dies." These sentiments for a 6-year-old who misses her brother at Christmastime. And, they took the time to communicate these sentiments on Christmas Day. Meet the compassionate anti-war Left on the Internet. Lovely.

I only wish I was mischaracterizing the response, but go flip through if you dare. There are positive comments, too, but the virulence and volume of the anti-Heather-and-Shaun-Martin comments is appalling. These people-- peace activists, I believe they like to be called-- are disgusting.


If you disagree with the war, and you think this little girl is being used for pro-war propaganda, there are plenty of ways to say it without wishing her brother dead or telling her her brother only joined the Army because he couldn't cut it in college (that's in the mix of comments today).

I think the argument that she's being exploited is a serious stretch, especially given that these are the same folks who applauded the "honesty" and "guts" and "speaking truth to power" of the Littlest Moonbat (who wasn't at all coached, right? Ha!). The song is almost entirely non-political, and all of the sentiments therein, though written by her mom, are easily ones a 6-year-old little sister could express.

Of course, Heather Martin's just part of the machine, man. The blonde bangs and floral print dress are just standard-issue camo for another one of Halliburton's minions. Jerks.

More on the Martin family and Shaun:

Naturally, the song struck a nerve with Heather's big brother.

"He played the song for his buddies,” said Bob Martin, Shaun Martin's father. "He said he really had to fight back the tears.”

In the Martin household, the thought of Christmas without the eldest of five children is inconceivable. Last Christmas, Shaun Martin dressed as Santa and spoiled his siblings and parents with special gifts. Heather received a pink bicycle with a built-in lunch pouch.

Shaun Martin feared he wouldn't be with his family this year for Christmas. He was right.

This year, Shaun Martin is somewhere in Iraq, where his mother said he is helping to conduct house-to-house searches.

"Naturally, we worry about him all the time,” Bob Martin said. "But we are very proud of him, that he wants to do this for his country. ... I would just hope all the soldiers and their families would get a chance to hear this song.

"I think it would mean a lot to a lot of people.”


Keep them in your prayers.

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