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Lincoln Memorial Closed Due to 'Mysterious Liquid,' Anthrax Note

Authorities are saying it's likely not an emergency. Sounds mostly like a prank:

Authorities closed the Lincoln Memorial on Monday after finding suspicious bottles in a restroom and a note reading "Do you know what anthrax is?" and "Do you know what a bomb is?", a law enforcement official told The Associated Press.

Authorities found a bottle appearing to contain a liquid in a basement ladies' rest room, along with the note, said an official from the Department of Homeland Security who asked to not be identified because his agency was not in charge of the incident.

While investigating the liquid, authorities received a call about a suspicious package, District of Columbia fire spokesman Alan Etter said. No injuries were reported.

Firefighters, U.S. Park Police and the FBI were investigating. Hazardous materials crews in protective suits were seen working at the memorial.

Officials said the incident did not immediately appear to be an emergency.


More at Stop the ACLU:

According to FOX, the “suspicious package” may have been a thermos left on the memorial steps.

Update: Flip has the D.C. Fire Department saying there's no "biological, chemical, or radiological hazard." 

Don't mess with Abe...unless you want to feel the legendary smackdown of "10 notable historians." Hell's coming with them.

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