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Wow, Nancy Pelosi is a way better dresser than those ridiculous, inappropriate Roberts children, who foolishly chose seersucker and patent leather for their father's nomination to the Supreme Court.


This, according to Robin Givhan, who in addition to the Roberts preschoolers, has skewered Dick Cheney and Condi. But Pelosi wears a well-tailored Armani suit and she gets the WaPo wet kiss:

Still, in the context of Washington, Pelosi cuts a distinctive figure. She gives the impression that she cares about the way she looks, but gives no indication that she obsesses about it. Such pride is an admirable quality and one that most parents attempt to instill in their children, admonishing them to sit up straight, polish their shoes, or smooth their hair for the class picture.

If only the little Jack and Josie had exhibited such pride maybe Robin would not have had to drop the critical hammer on them.

Carol Liebau goes after Robin, too, and notes the same thing I did, toward the end of the column:

Note, in particular, Givhan’s evident relief that Pelosi sports none of the emblems of patriotism -- in her view, how irredeemably vulgar would that be? It’s so much more sophisticated just to downplay one’s allegiance, apparently.

A long time ago, I wrote about that Givhan piece on the Roberts kids, so I'm gonna try to dig it up. I'll check back.


Update: I found it in the Wayback Machine. Here's a snip:

Remember what they were wearing? Adorable right?

If you're a mom taking two young children to the White House, you'd want your children in their very best clothes--perhaps even one step above their Sunday Best for the MOST IMPORTANT NIGHT in the family's life to date.

It seems to me that Mrs. Roberts hit the nail on the head. But we laypeople know nought of what we speak.

Those aren't cute clothes. They're just another example of Chimpy McBushitler's aristocratic cronies throwing their seersucker-clad affluence in the faces of the masses. This is patent-leather hegemony run rampant! Do not be hypnotized by the "glistening" pageboy and wide blue eyes of global domination.






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