Posted: Nov 08, 2006 11:55 AM

Pelosi at noon.

Press conference begins. Pelosi was greeted by children on the way to the press conference. Seriously? Hey, she said, "God willing." Is she even allowed to say that? 9th Circuit?

Um, she's having technical difficulties and still talking about the children. Am I being too hard on her or does this feel emblematic. Hey she said, "heaven sent." Is she even allowed to say that? She's been attending the Harold Ford Jr. School of God-Invocation.

The line is "civility, integrity, and bi-partisanship." We'll see how long that holds up. Toddlers, I tell you. They'll be throwing a temper tantrum in no time. However, if they managed not to, and they managed to really envelope the moderate, socially conservative Democrats they elected yesterday with respect for their views, we're talking about a much stronger Democratic Party, I think, and Republicans are gonna have to play up. Will that happen? I'm not gonna put money on it, but I'll hand it to Rahm Emanuel. He gave them a fighting chance.

Bush at 1 p.m.

Word on the street is that the press conference will consist of a lot of "why were you so confident, President Bush? Hm? Hm? Were you lying?" There are so many interesting things about this power shift, and the press is going to focus on whether Bush was lying about his optimism. Lame. 

Update: It's all about the children, y'all.