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Stem-Cell Ad: How Come Talent Thinks He Gets to Decide Who Lives and Who Dies?

The search for the perfect victim continues and may just end in the big, blue eyes of this little girl. She's a little girl from the future who may have diabetes and may have been helped by embryonic stem-cell research if only Talent had voted the right way. Oh, and provided embryonic stem-cell research indeed comes to anything, and that thing ends up being a cure for diabetes.


But you can't argue with her futuristic, hypothetical suffering!

Maybe she's your little girl.

Hm? Hm? Betcha hadn't thought of that. Click to cringe.

Whatever you think about embryonic stem-cell research, this ad has reduced itself to a parody of the emotionally manipulative pro-research ad, just as this Citizens United ad has reduced itself to a parody of the emotionally manipulative national security ad.

Neither helps the side it's meant to help, I don't think. People don't like being talked to like this, do they?

H/t on the ad to Katie Favazza.

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