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Hot Air marks it-- Survey USA has Steele vs. Cardin at 47-47 and it sounds so sweet.

In typical liberal fashion, this WaPo letter to the editor finds the idea that black voters would dare vote anything but Democrat "disturbing."


Better get ready to be disturbed. Cardin goofed in a debate today, claiming the Patriot Act vote predated his election to Congress. Uhh, he's been in Congress since 1987.


Looks like things are loosening up considerably in Tennessee. Corker's up 6.5 in the RCP average now. When Corker wins this one, it will go down in the liberal mind as stolen by racism in the same way the '00 election was stolen by the Supreme Court and Ohio in '04 was stolen by Ken Blackwell. And Democrats will once again succeed in discouraging a key constituency from voting in future elections by leading them to believe there are no legitimate elections.

Brilliant strategy, that. How's it workin' out for ya?


In Montana, Tester's still up 3, but it's categorized as a toss-up.

But I've got a November surprise in that race. Tester apparently butchered his neighbors' animals without a license, which I'm pretty sure is a huge electoral issue in Montana. Not really, but I thought that was the raddest headline I'd seen all day.

THe RNC seems to think Burns is surging, pumping $300K into the race last week, and Bush came to town for him this week, pulling a large, excited crowd. Byron York wonders if Burns is gonna pull this one off:

Tester hasn’t had that sort of high-profile, come-to-Montana support from top Democrats. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid hasn’t been there in a long time. John Kerry hasn’t been around. Nor have stars like Barack Obama. It’s true that Obama did attend a fundraiser for Tester last week — one that raised about $300,000 — but it was held in San Francisco, not Montana, and Tester traveled to the home of Susie Tompkins Buell, a major donor to liberal causes, to attend. Tester has also received money from Democratic senators like Barbara Boxer and Democratic wannabe senator Al Franken. He has also collected a lot of small donations from so-called “netroots” activists; he is a particular favorite of the Berkeley-based DailyKos website.

All that has created an opening for Burns to criticize Tester, with some merit, as the darling of out-of-state liberals who want to support his candidacy but don’t want to hurt it by actually showing up in Montana. “His friends are too liberal for Montana,” says Klindt. “Why won’t he bring Ted Kennedy to Montana? We’d love to see Ted Kennedy. What about John Kerry?”
That'd be a
sad day for the Nutroots, indeed.


In Missouri, I have a friend on the ground, and she's feeling good with a capital "G" after knocking on doors all day. From an IM conversation:

many people legitimately told me they just want to make sure the democrats dont take control of the house and senate. at least 5 people specifically said something about how much the democrats lie . . . two people said that they know about some of the democrat lies and they fear what else the dems will lie about 

Hmm, maybe that "culture of corruption" line has been cuttin' the wrong way in Missouri. I wonder why that would be.  

Four McCaskill-friendly ACORN kids have been indicted in a voter fraud case.



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