Fall at the NY Times

Posted: Oct 31, 2006 11:47 AM

The NY Daily News blog notes that, for the first time since 1972, the Times did away with even the appearance of even-handedness and endorsed zero Republicans for either House or Senate.

A look back at the Times archives through 1972 finds that the paper's powerful editorial page endorsed at least one Republican for the House or Senate every year. Some of these were well-known local moderates like Hamilton Fish and Bill Green. Others include a young Connecticut candidate named John Rowland in 1986.

Hmm, wonder if that's a smart move. Here are the NYT's latest plummetting circulation numbers:

New York Times (down 3.5 percent, to 1,086,798).

The New York Times is the No. 1 Sunday paper, slipping 3.5 percent, to 1,623,697 copies.

Now, how could one gain circulation? Which paper is doing it right?

New York's Post and Daily News each gained circulation. The Post's 5.1 percent increase, to 704,011, enabled it to move into fifth place in daily circulation, surging past the Daily News, which rose 1 percent, to 693,382, and Washington Post, which fell 3.3 percent, to 656,297.

Ahh, Rupert Murdoch's NY Post. I'm guessing the key to success was not endorsing only Democrats.