Posted: Oct 25, 2006 5:15 PM

This candidate for Senate is praying to the Lord with his staffers. Is that even legal? I'm sure it's not. Only a backwoods, Jesus-freak Republican would sink so low, with his anti-science, voo-doo, Duby-lovin' beliefs...Oh, wait. What? That's Democrat Harold Ford? Oh, how refreshing and genuine. He's not your daddy's Democrat. I've heard that. Very charismatic, they say. Where's my checkbook?

Bethany had thoughts on this kind of thing yesterday at Hot Air.

A Mason-Dixon poll this week had Corker creeping to a two-point lead over Ford, and Corker's claiming momentum. An LAT poll has Corker up 5.

Apparently Corker has disavowed this ad, which Ford called racist, on the grounds that it's "tacky." Bad move by Corker. The Ford camp's reaction to the ad was as ridiculous and desperate-looking as his crashing Corker's press conference this weekend. Just let them keep talking when they act like that. Only race-obsessed Democrat operatives and grievance-mongers could create racism out of that ad. It's them with the hang-ups, not Tennessee voters or Republicans.

The ad is great, and I'm glad it's gotten blanket coverage because of Ford's inane accusations.

Give to Corker, here.