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Uplifting Political Moment Watch '06: Schlesinger Makes a Stand for Liebs

This is really, really classy. I bet this time, the liberal bloggers aren't quite as over the moon about under-under-underdog Republican Alan Schlesinger as they were after the last Connecticut Senate debate.


Because this time, Schlesinger shouted down a Lieberman heckler who was trying to disrupt the Senator's closing remarks.

Allah has the video. Watch the whole thing. It'll cleanse you of a bit of the dirty-ad muck that's been flying around.

My favorite part is how, after watching the Republican handle the situation, the impotent Lamont starts clapping enthusiastically only after the crowd applauds. Stick that finger in the wind, Ned, see which way it's a-blowin'.

Turns out, not in the Nutroots direction. Lamont's down anywhere from 8-17 points, depending on the poll.

Allah points out this story as evidence that the NYT is trying its darnedest to help Lamont in his time of trouble. Oddly, this is the same exact tack Matt Stoller of MyDD, who works closely with the Nutroots-pushed campaign, took this weekend when we were on C-SPAN together. Looks like the bloggers aren't the only ones getting the talking points.

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