Wanted: An Honest Mechanic

Posted: Oct 10, 2006 1:34 PM

I think I may have funkdafied my car a little bit last night, and I've been needing to take it in to get the brake pads changed, anyway.

Any of my readers know a good guy in Northern Virginia? Always nice to get someone on a recommendation since I'm now out of the South and can't get Brandon's sister's cousin's husband to fix my car anymore.

I'm sorry I've been away so long. I'll get all linky in just a sec. Lots of catching up to do.

Update: Since, I'm blegging at the moment, it seems only fitting to add a bleg from my friend Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee, who just broke a million on the Sitemeter and needs your help to get a new computer.

This makes me a participant in the first-ever blegburst, a term Bob just coined. See? How can you not help him out? He coins phrases. The blogosphere needs people like him.