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I've been away from me computer all day, and I come back to find someone talkin' that junk.

Bold, Preston. Very bold:

There’s one particular Southern belle that just can’t shut up about the damn Georgia Bulldogs. Yeah, I’m talking to you, Ham. All you ever talk about is Georgia-this, Bulldog-that, UGA-UGA-UGA and things of that nature. Well, put your money where your mouth is, sister. If you think the Joe (Tereshinski) and Joe (Cox) show can pull it off Saturday night, let’s put something on the line. And not just pride in our Alma Maters.


Hate the game, not the player, Holmes.

All right, I'm layin' it on the line. On the goal line. A line with which Tennessee will be none too familiar Saturday.

Yeah, that's right. I talk smack using phrases like "with which." I'm a hard mutha.

I am so hard and so sure that the Dawgs will treat the Vols like an Athens fire hydrant that I'm willing to teach Preston a thing or two about bold.

I'm 'bouts to wager the unthinkable. If the Vols manage to pull of an upset between the hedges, I will blog in a Tennessee Volunteers t-shirt for a day and document it with a photo on this blog.

Keep in mind that I have never, ever donned the t-shirt for any other SEC team. I don't even like to wear orange because of the bad associations. It kinda makes me cringe to think about it. The picture would ruin any political aspirations I might have in the state of Georgia. Talk about an attack ad! This is the Internet age. The picture will live on like so many other October surprises.

"Mary Katharine Ham says she's a Dawgs fan, but she once wore a hideous, day-glow orange Tennessee shirt. Ham claims she was 'just huntin'', but does that look like a deer stand to you? If we can't trust Mary Katharine to wear the red and black, how can we trust her with Georgia's future?"

I'd totally torpedo any chances I have of meeting Zell Miller. So, you see? I'm serious.

How's about it, Preston? What you got for me? Also, to all my readers, please click through to the Georgia tailgating video Preston posted. I couldn't post it here, but it's hilarious and makes me mighty homesick.

Go time, Holmes.

Bonus: Preston's challenge kept me from blogging about Foley before I run to the airport again. Frankly, I can't say I'm too sad about that. I'll leave it for tonight.

But if you want more, Allah's got a round-up, Confederate Yankee has questions, Michelle Malkin has answers, Drudge had fiction, Hastert still has a job, and Newsbusters has an, err, tally.

And, anecdotally, I've been at a gathering of conservatives from state think-tanks since last night. These are folks who are conservative, generally vote Republican, are politically active, and grassrootsy. Foley has come up only twice-- once because another D.C. blogger here brought it up and once because former House Majority Leader Dick Armey fielded a question about Hastert's fate. Here are his two cents:

"In 1998, they beat me up pretty bad...I was accused unfairly."

He said he thought about resigning under pressure, but his wife, who was normally begging him to quit the D.C. gig, convinced him not to:


"She said, 'you don't deserve to go out on the bottom, all beat up and battered...you can leave on your own terms.' I would say to the Speaker now, 'Not now. Don't let anyone let you leave town with the impression that you have a reason to leave town.' Denny's a decent man. He deserves to leave town with his head held high."

On the subject of Dick Armey, heh.


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