Foleygate: Sicker and Sicker

Posted: Oct 03, 2006 2:24 PM

Just look at the headline on Drudge:

Foley had online sex while awaiting a vote

The IMs, if you have the stomach for them, are at ABC News. Blech.

Update: Hastert on Limbaugh. Hot Air has audio.

Update: Boehner has sent a letter to the Times to disagree with it:

"Had Speaker Hastert or anyone else in our leadership known about Mr. Foley's despicable conduct, I'm confident the Speaker would have moved to expel Mr. Foley immediately and turn him over to the appropriate authorities," Boehner wrote in a letter to the Editor in response to the Times editorial today calling on Hastert to step down.

Looks like Hastert and Boehner have decided to start swingin'.

Update: Is Boehner playing a couple angles? It's Washington-- of course he is!

Update: Always right on top of the news cycle, Jack Cafferty asks this question: "Did President mislead us into the war in Iraq?" Um, Jack, there's an actual, current Republican-bashing story going on right now. You could go after the leadership and report on something that's not three years old. Always happy to help.