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I am Batman

I think I'm officially nocturnal now.

I went out last night, despite having to drag myself, half-asleep, from the couch to U St. I probably wouldn't have, but I've been best friends with the same two girls since I was 7. Weird, I know. Even weirder, they both live in and around the D.C. area, and we hang out once or twice a month. So, I didn't want to miss the fun.


I went out, came home late last night/early this morning, slept late, woke up for a while, and then slept quite a bit more. But now I'm ready for anything! I think it was just a long week catching up with me.

Bonus, though-- strange and memorable dreams. One in which I was almost in a plane crash over NYC. An engine went out, we were spinning out of control, I said a little prayer and sucked it up. But the pilot managed to land the plane on the Brooklyn Bridge without injuring anyone. He was an awesome pilot. The silliest thing about this dream? The first thing I thought upon landing-- this is when I still thought I had almost actually died, mind you-- was that it would be great blogging material. Sheesh.

Another dream in which I was dating Tom Selleck. Must be the NRA thing.

So, not only am I nocturnal, but my dreams can now all be traced directly to blogging and/or political issues. Sheesh again.

I'm going to try to get some blogging done before leaving the house again tonight -- Georgia kick-off at 9!-- but if I don't there will plenty to come later on when I can't get to sleep.


And, since I'm blogging nonsense right now, head on over the Karol's for weekend trivial blogging. She's looking for a new handbag and asking advice. I, sadly, was not much help. I carry an ID and a credit card in my back pocket and a lip gloss in my front pocket. I keep trying to act like a girl, and I've bought quite a few purses, but I just can't make it work. I don't like to carry stuff.

Maybe I'll try one of my lonely purses tonight, give it some purpose.


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