Rightroots: Final Push on 15-Day Challenge

Posted: Sep 20, 2006 10:04 AM

You can go over to Rightroots right now to donate!

We're still a couple donations short of our 100-donation goal for each candidate, so pick one or two or three or four that strike your fancy. The push since Friday has been amazing, and we've picked up more than 100K to help these guys so far (in six weeks!), but we've got just a little farther to go.

The size of the donation doesn't matter. I'm gonna go over there and throw in today, myself.

Reasons? That blue Senate seat in N.J is looking redder every day.

Patrick Hynes imagines H.R. 1 in a Democratic Congress, and it ain't pretty.

And, there's the gloating. Remember that?

A thousand words.

Thank you for the help!

Update: Okay, so this is huge news! I just got word that Ken Mehlman has volunteered to send an e-mail endorsing Rightroots to the RNC mailing list if we meet our goal today. We're so almost there, and that would give us the potential to raise a whole lot more money for these guys.

So, get going and throw in for the Rightroots slate! We've got just a couple hours left in this challenge. Thank you!

Hey, have all my regular commenters contributed? Pretty please, guys?