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Preventing Pelosification: You Can Help With Rightroots Right Now!

You can change the course of '06 right now with a couple bucks:

Here’s the deal, guys. We’re all conservatives, here. And, the Democrats are just waiting, praying even, for us to sit around and do nothing this election cycle. You know why?

Speaker Pelosi.

Yeah, cue the “Psycho” theme, right? Those harsh chords on the violin are our warning. We must do something.

Speaker Pelosi is what’s before us if we sit on our hands. I didn’t want to think about it either, but it’s true...

Here’s the good news. You knew it was coming, right? You can do something, and it’s easy. The Rightroots team, of which I’m a member, has picked 21 competitive Republican candidates in House and Senate races all over the country. You can donate to any of them and all of them in one convenient place.


Now, I know not all of us conservatives are altogether thrilled with some of the ways in which the Republican majority has conducted itself over the last couple years. Believe me, as a dedicated fiscal conservative I know where you're coming from. Trust me.

But I also understand and truly believe that a Republican majority remains my best bet at getting fiscally conservative legislation enacted in Washington. Republicans, for instance, when they misbehave, at least have to answer to me. I can call a Republican office and say, "the pork is outta hand. You gotta do something about it. Be who you say you are! Be a Republican."

Sometimes, the pressure can bring about things like transparency and earmark reform. You think I'd see any of that from a Dem Congress? Not a chance.

The guys on the Rightroots list are not incumbents. They're fresh air and a fresh perspective. Do you want their fresh perspective coming to Congress in the fall, or the perspective of a bunch of new Dem Congressmen?

In the past week, the Democrats have threatened ABC’s broadcast license because the network aired a docudrama that called into question the legacy of the Clinton years. They’ve accused Republicans and the President of politicizing 9/11 simply by observing it. And, one of the Dems’ Hollywood buddies said, “radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America.”

The way for conservatives to win is not to quit. Pick out a couple of our promising candidates, and support them. We don't want Dem leadership, but that's what we'll get if we sit on our hands.


Thanks so much for your help, guys, and let me know in comments who you donated to. I'd love to hear who you picked.

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