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I know. "The View" and now, Justin Timberlake? I'm not being kind to y'all today, but I'm in a funny mood.

So, it's Justin Timberlake day, or week or something at the local pop station. Every song is a Justin Timberlake song. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a JT interlude every now and then, but how long can they do this without the people revolting?


He has an album coming out called, "FutureSex/LoveSounds." Unorthodox capitalization aside, this is a mundane album title indeed. I thought it was worn out when Gwen Stefani used it--"Love.Angel.Music.Baby"--although she opted for the more subtle nonconformist punctuation.

You know the last time it was cool? "BloodSugarSexMagik." And I'm sure it was done before then, too, but I do remember that being cool. It was way more rock 'n' roll back then, as illustrated by a daring combination of unorthodox capitalization and the spurning of spacing and spelling. Now, those guys were speaking truth to power.

Justin, until your music is used to break terrorists, you should not attempt this kind of thing (although, Bush may get ideas with you being on the radio non-stop). I, on the other hand, will be calling my next blog, Muskrat/Aspirin/Sex/Sidewalk, because I am very, very rock 'n' roll and I hate terrorists.

See how I slyly stuck a news link in there? See, boss?

Speaking of Justin, I've been so out of the pop culture loop lately that I almost missed the first false reports of Britney giving birth. Whew, that was a close one. Missing Baby's First Unwarranted Paparazzi Swarm would have been shameful. 

And speaking of Britney, isn't there any pork news today?

Why, yes, there is. There's a vote on a really good rule change in the House Thursday:

The more controversial measure is a proposed House rules change that would change the current culture of earmarking in Congress. Under the proposed change, all committee reports for appropriations bills, authorization bills or tax bills will be required to contain a list of all the earmarks in the legislation along with the names of the member who requested the earmark. Also, conference reports will be required to contain the same list with additions from the conference. Members who find a particular earmark inappropriate or egregious will have the freedom to challenge it on the House floor.

The House Rules Committee is holding a committee markup on the rule change tomorrow and a vote has been scheduled for Thursday. The vote will be close.

Names with earmarks? Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha. Any calls you can make on that would be really helpful. Transparency, baby.

And, finally, speaking of transparency, it seems Lindsay Lohan loves it in a blouse as much as I love it in government. 

Nah, y'all know I'm not giving you that link. Sorry, unforgiveable I know, but it's out there on the Internets. 

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