The Sad and the Happy

Posted: Sep 07, 2006 5:04 PM


Sigh. I haven't written about the Miller open borders controversy because I'm in mourning.

It's just that Miller and I have been together a long time.

I used to sit in the crook of my dad's armchair while he drank a Miller Genuine Draft in the evenings, poured into a frosty mug I had pulled from the freezer for him. The mugs were from his service days in Germany, bearing the foreign insignias of a dozen other, darker, heavier, more haughty beers. But he drank MGD.

As I grew up, and became of an age where I could enjoy an adult beverage, I became quite the Miller girl. Wait, no, not that kind of Miller girl. Just the kind who likes Miller.

For years, Miller Lite was what I like to call my "cheap beer of choice." And being that some of those years were in college and the others I was just out of college, a "cheap beer of choice" was, alas, the only choice I had.

Yeah, yeah, I know it's not good beer. But we're talkin' tailgate brew, and Miller had what I was looking for, which was basically-- something that tastes better than Bud Light. We've spent days at the beach together, nights on the dock, and there was even that one time I drank the High Life at the lake...

Sure, we've had our differences before. I never liked Miller's close relationship with Rusty Wallace, and I was a little uncomfortable when I heard its breweries were strictly union, but the company made up for it with an equally close relationship with Nick and Jessica pre-divorce, clever ads, and for me, there were years of brand loyalty built into that little blue label.

But then you went and sponsored this pro-illegal immigration nonsense, Miller. And now, alas, it is time to bring my Miller Time to a close. This makes me sad, but I gotta do it. Michelle Malkin's Vent today has all the details on how Miller's open borders leanings are more a corporate decision than an accidental affiliation with local fringe groups.

I'll miss ya, Miller.


So, to cheer myself up, I went looking for some uplifting video, and I found it. Yesterday, I heard Pat Green was on Fox & Friends. Hot honky-tonk rednecks and the Faux News gang together at last! But I missed it, and unfortunately, the guys at Hot Air didn't have it on hand.  

But I have many ways of getting the video I want without requiring any sort of techie effort on my part. Today, Ken Shepherd of Newsbusters steps up to the plate. And, now I am not so sad about Miller. Sigh.


Did anyone else find themselves surprisingly upset by Steve Irwin's death? Just, I don't know...bless his little heart. I loved him because he so very clearly got so much fun out of life, which sounds trite, but I love me some happy. And, Steve Irwin was nothing if not happy.

He loved his job, he loved his family, and he was one tough son-of-a-gun. No wonder Terri loved him.

So, that was sad enough, and then I read this tear-jerker. It's a really beautiful testament to the strange way life has of turning the seemingly pointless into the achingly poignant. From "crikey" to cutting in just a few paragraphs. Go read it.


Yes, now that you mention it, I would have said that about Jack M.'s post even if he hadn't been using his rogue guest-posting status at Ace's to compliment me in an overly generous manner. But that post did have the effect of reminding me I had meant to post about the Irwin thing a couple days ago. And, yeah, the flirting sure didn't hurt.

Speaking of blog-flirting, Rusty has declared it open season, complete with theme music!

Meanwhile, Allah's success with KP prowling has got me thinking I should be going after Bill Hemmer, who is just ripe for the pickin':

TOO CLASSY FOR 'THE BACHELOR' Don't trying casting Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer on any cheesy reality shows. The 41-year-old Hemmer was recently collared at a midtown restaurant by folks working on the 10th season of ABC's "The Bachelor." Hemmer told Lowdown: "A woman approached me and said, 'Have you ever watched "The Bachelor"?' I tried to pawn her off on Mike [Jerrick, co-anchor of Fox's "DaySide"], but she wasn't taking the bait. I guess they were looking for guys in suits. I was wearing one at the time, but no tie. I told her I was flattered, but … I have a girlfriend, or I recently had a girlfriend, anyway."

Sadly, Hemmer is blogless, so sending him trackbacks won't have quite the romantic flair it would have otherwise. What? Trackbacks aren't hot? Dang, I've been doing this too long.